Friday, June 26, 2015

Math skills meet painting skills...

 About a month ago Hooper asked me to help her out with a client, the convo went a little something like this:

H: Hey- I have a kitchen floor I want you to paint for my client.
Me: okay, what do you want? 
H: Just something simple, I'll send you what I'm thinking
Me: how big is the kitchen?
H: Average size (or 20x14!) 

I wouldn't really call this pattern "simple". It might have been simple for the person whose math skills go  beyond 3rd grade.  My brain hurt after making the pattern and mapping it out and that was even with help! (A LOT OF HELP- thank you John and Jodie!) But, I am so glad I got to do it and the end result is amazing in the home. (we will have to show you more pics of the house later) 

After the floor was done our painter extraordinaire put a high gloss sealer on it and the result was shiny perfection and will hold up in this high traffic area! 

I am thinking of redoing my own kitchen floor (Its on it's 3rd look). I might try the same pattern... 

Or maybe this one:
The more beat up the better… right? With 4 kids and 2 dogs this floor would be great in mi casa. 
Painted kitchen floors, laundry room floors, foyer floors etc… are a great option for older homes. A painted floor breaks up all the wood as well as hiding flaws that older homes floors tend to have.(Can you tell I have an older house?) 

Anyhoo, what do you think? Like our latest project? Need me to paint your floor? I think my brain has recovered and I'm ready for the next project! -A

Happy Friday!
Bye, bye birdie,

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