Monday, July 20, 2015

Ahoy Campers!

We dropped the twins off at camp yesterday for 2 WEEKS. You would think I would be thrilled for a little peace and quiet 
We got them unpacked, said our goodbyes and I cried the entire way home. Here's how it went down:
Me: Sob, Sob.... Sniff
Read: Are you crying? 
Me: No.
Read: Why are you crying?
Me: I'm not.
Read: Are you crying because your babies are growing up so fast?
Me: Really?? Sob, Sob, bwahhhhhhhhhh.....
Read: Are you crying because you are worried about them getting sick or their safety?
Me: Cue slight panic attack/nervous breakdown. 
I wasn't until you said that
Read: Two weeks sure is a long time.
Not helpful.
Cue Xanax. 
Yep, the twins are at Camp Seagull for the duration  for some fun in the sun with old friends. 
Teddy went along too and expected to stay. 
 When I asked them if we should stay a little while and maybe walk down to see the boats, they said: You should just go ahead and go. As I was getting into the car, Hutson ran out and hugged me (when he was sure no one was watching) and we drove away. Thankful for this sweet camp and trying to be thankful and productive for my "break". Which may be one of the psychotic ones. 

                           Happy Monday...
                          bye bye birdie...


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