Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Self proclaimed genius….

We told you we were geniuses (sp?) … 
In fact we are so brilliant that HGTV magazine decided to use a space we have done in one of their special edition magazines. We are among the top 150 designers that have a "super easy decorating idea". We are also  in the top 150 most modest designers EVER!!! 

But seriously we were thrilled to see one of our rooms recognized. Remember the house we did for a client in Cashiers, N.C. ? The one we finished and then cried our eyeballs out over b/c we didn't get to live there?
See here.

See why we cried? The view alone was swoon worthy…
Our "easy idea" was adding a canopy and fabric to the already gorgeous turned style poster  bed. We wanted to take it up a notch and the punchy fabric panels did just that.
 We thought the milky white vases were destined to be lamps so we took them to our local lighting shop and voila!

Who doesn't love a good auction? All this beauty needed was a fresh coat of lacquer and the perfect setting to come back to life.

This was a fun project….A fave to date and full of more easy ideas.
Check out the magazine for what the other 149 designers came up with as well!

Happy Creative Monday!

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