Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So this happened...

This never gets old. A few years back, I did a shoot in my laundry room for Southern Living (flashback here). Every now and then, they republish it in their special edition magazines. The other night, I was standing in the checkout line at Food Lion and was flipping through the Summer Small Space Ideas (165 Ways to Make the Most of Every Inch) and BAM! 

The first time, they showed the laundry room, it was a one page article in their monthly issue. This time, they included the entry which happens to feature my friend Jen Griffin's Baja bag (check out her amazing line of bags and leather goods here). I also love that it shows off the kids' artwork. Many of you may remember the "Letter People" from First Presbyterian Preschool. Cue "Mr. E"; Precious. 
I act casual, of course, like it's no big deal. Really, I want to skip up and down the aisles. Graham, on the other hand, is not so calm and proceeds to show everyone in the store. I'm thankful that years ago, they thought my laundry room was worthy enough to publish and even more thankful that even now, I still get just as excited as the first time it hit the stands. And that maybe, my twelve year old, who constantly questions her mom's coolness, today, thinks I am "sort of cool". I'll take it.
bye bye birdie...

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Abby said...

Congratulations! That is pretty cool and exciting. Been reading your blog for awhile now and really enjoy it. - Abby

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