Monday, August 24, 2015


It's a year of first… 
First camping (glamping if you will…) here.
 and now...


Jackson, Lindley and I went on a mission trip for 9 days in this country that now has my heart. We went with 56 others from Life Point Church and served with Amigos for Christ in Chinandega, Nicaragua. 

Please bear with me while I do several post about the country and experience. Just think if it was 1970 I would invite you over for a casserole, jello mold and slide show of our trip. (You can thank me later and handle a few pics!) 

 What a beautiful country… And while the landscape took my breath away it was the people that stole my heart…


 Cuando he dicho sonrisa y mi cámara, que habla un lenguaje universal.
(When I said smile and had my camera, we spoke a universal language)



And now for my favorite sonrisas….

 See why I am so totally in love??? 

I'll share more later (yippee!) Still processing...

Happy Week and don't forget to SONRISA!


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