Friday, February 2, 2018

Figure Eight Island Renovation Reveal!

Eleven years ago, I was asked to do the interiors for two families that shared a vacation home at Figure Eight. I had tons of creative freedom and, while it was early in my career, one of those projects that felt like a game changer. I loved working with the clients and it was a big project and stepping stone. Eleven years later, this home was no longer a shared vacation home and home to only one of the families. The family had grown and with two kids, it needed to function as a full time home with a preschooler and a baby.

I was honored they asked me again and with the help of the design team at Kersting Architecture, tore out most of the home I had so lovingly done over a decade ago. I requested to not be there for demo day because I still loved it, even after all of those years. (I can get very attached). 

The project involved gutting everything but the top floor and the dining room. The old master bedroom was opened up to expand the living/kitchen space and all bedrooms were moved upstairs. Having worked with the homeowners before, It only took a couple of meetings to grasp their vision. They wanted a clean lined space with beautiful finishes from tile, to wood work, flooring and fixtures that would allow them to store kids necessities, entertain on a moment's notice and well, they wanted a show stopper.  There is so much to show, that I am going to start with the kitchen and living spaces and reveal the rest in other posts. Check it out and stay tuned for the entire tour coming right up! 

 We chose slate colored leather sofas and indoor/outdoor velvet to hold up to kids and dogs. 
 Shagreen coffee tables can be split to serve different areas of the living space, but also wipe off if messy hands touch them.
 I wanted a sleek fireplace in a natural stone. Sellers Tile was able to deliver beautiful surfaces throughout.
 The custom walnut cabinetry, by Coastal Cabinets, is book matched and houses an elevator with a TV so the family can watch TV at the touch of a button without blocking the window on a daily basis. The rug from the Gallery of Oriental rugs is stunning and mimics the stone tops in the kitchen. The smokey grays, greens and creams create a soft unexpected palette at the beach. Think cloudy day on the marsh vs. your typical blues seen in coastal houses. 
 The walnut library wall acts as lots of storage with a moveable library ladder and also frames a kids' den for when the parents want their own space.
 Refinished Ipe flooring runs inside and spills out onto the decking. Its incredibly hard and beautiful. The soft accents are grass cloth, woven materials and "coke bottle" green glass sculptures.  
 The family loves to cook and entertain. I must say, this may be the largest kitchen I have ever done. The work surfaces wow and the storage is so well-planned that a quick meal or a catered event can be easily executed. The custom walnut table is housed in the island to seat 5-6 on a daily basis. When the table is pulled out of the island, it seats 10.  Designed by Jim Graham, at Kersting Architecture and created by Coastal Cabinets, beauty is in the details. 
 They wanted a 60" range with a broiler and double ovens that multi-task. We chose Blue Star and love the ability to choose from a wide array of painted finishes.
The overall vibe of the home is a touch modern with an old-school beach house influence. Old-fashioned polished nickel lighting over the island balances out the modern lines of the living space. The colors from the kitchen came from the natural stone of the splash and counters. Beauty meets function! 
 The tile from Southeastern Tile feels looks rain sliding down the wall. 
 Cheers to the lucky family! After a year and half of planning and renovations, they are finally home!
Stay tuned for more of this reveal.... 


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