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I am Ann White Schutte. Some days I am an artist, but everyday I am a mom to Jackson, Lindley, Molly and Addie.
Some of my favorite things are fresh flowers (no roses please), real butter, and those birds that run in and out with the waves but never get wet. (what are they called?) Favorite things aside from hugs and kisses from my family of course!

I have spent the last 15 years painting furniture, walls and canvas. Really anything that would stay still long enough! I graduated from art school with a concentration in metal design and though have changed mediums I find myself being drawn to form, line and composition in everything! I love old, new and everything in between and get great satisfaction from pairing the unexpected together and pulling it off. -though sometimes I only pull it off in my head...Ask Hooper!

My life is best described as controlled chaos though I like to find  peace in my surroundings. Give me a big yard full of trees, chickens on my gravel drive, lots of art on my neutral walls,  inherited furniture covered in pillows and I am a happy chick!

Here are a few things I have worked on...

This simple elegant foyer will never go out of style.

I loved layering this built in dining room side board with art, silver and glass... so classic and pretty...

The following house was a major remodel. We opened up walls and added fun finishes that worked well for this hip young family.

This was once a wall that made the kitchen feel small and cut off from the rest of the house. Over sized lighting and concrete counter tops gave the space the update it was begging for!

Dark cabinets got a face lift with gray paint. The updated back splash blends the existing granite with the new color scheme for the house.

I had the great pleasure of working with my brothers on this project. We designed the built ins around an antique chest the client wanted to keep. If you can sketch it, they can build it!

Like I said, If you can sketch it, they can build it!
these images were from an entire remodel. See here.

I had the great pleasure of working with Hooper on a mountain house project. I learned so much and we were able to combine our styles for a result the client loved!
I love art in built ins

an unexpected yet perfect spot for the vintage antler collection.

a little rope and iron hook adds more interest to the botanicals flanking the front door.

I began as an artist and still love the opportunity to paint a wall. That's right the images below are not wallpaper...
A nursery project incorporating photographs as art.
And I got to paint a wall!

You know we love our porches in the South... the charcoal and cream painted floor was the perfect touch in this outdoor space.

Thanks for taking a look at just a few of my favorite projects!   -Ann                                   


Meredith van Rensburg said...

I love the bathroom!!! So cool. You do have a knack for pairing the unexpected and making it work...always have.

Christina Marie said...

I love the orange wall with the small birds. It's bright and could be modern or could be old fashion classic way. Very versatile. Have you ever thought of designing a line of wall paper?! I think you would be amazing at it.
Christina Marie

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