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I am a mother to three wonderful children, twin boys and a girl. I come from a family with many sets of twins so I was overjoyed to have twins of my own. My little girl is a bright spot in every day and I feel so blessed to have all them in my life. My husband, Read, makes me laugh all of the time and has always encouraged me to do what I love. I discovered nine years ago, that I have a passion for interior design and my love for beautiful spaces turned into a job (but it never feels like one). I have been fortunate to be able to design for incredible clients and have worked on projects that inspire me everyday. I'm so very thankful to do what I love and share it with my family and friends. Here is my daily inspiration (Flanner, Graham, Hutson):

Below are some pictures of my work.
Thanks for checking out my Portfolio!

Cashiers, NC
Corcell Residence


 Wilmington, NC 
The Lewis Residence



                      Figure Eight Island, NC
                       The Stevens Residence                                                                      

The Raymond Residence

                        Wilmington, NC   
                        The Eskew Residence                                      

                      Wilmington, NC   
                      The Johnson Residence




                       Wilmington, NC 
                       The Patterson Home

Wilmington, NC
The Hinshaw Residence

The Kramer Home

Wilmington, NC 
The Southerland Residence

I hope you enjoyed this sampling of my work! If you would like help with your home, please feel free to contact me at:


Boyd said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What inspirational pictures. I'm adding your blog to my blog roll.

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