two little birds
Definition: close friends, comrades, matching set, two minds thinking as one, two of a kind.
Design (verb): To artfully or skillfully fashion. create, construct, paint, devise, dream up.
That defines us. Sort of...
We are Ann White Schutte and Hooper Patterson. We are in fact friends, comrades, two peas in a pod. We are not "two of a kind" or a "matching set". We are COMPLETE opposites.
We are on a constant quest to feather our nests and merge our styles to showcase our favorite things... found and yet to be discovered.
By profession Ann is an artist and designer and Hooper is an interior designer. Join us as we tackle new spaces and life as we know it.

We started this blog to have a creative outlet and to have a place to compare notes and learn from others. Our sense of styles are so incredibly different that we wanted to challenge one another to take risks and creatively think outside of the box. We don't always agree and our tastes are often at opposite ends of the spectrum, but when we meet in the middle, the results are a perfect mix. We both love design and creating unique spaces. Ann loves art and an eclectic mix of found pieces and those with a history. Hooper loves bold color, patterns and layers of accessories. Merge the two and somehow, it just works!

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